Monday, November 8, 2010

To Know You


   What is the true meaning to knowing God?  Everyone with an eye or ear should know that there is a God.  Many people are just content with knowing that there is someone with a higher power than them, but are foolish enough to not pursue a relationship with him.  Truly knowing God is to have a personal, intimate relationship with him.  When was the last time you talked to God?  Many people just expect God to work.  How does that work?  It doesn't.  As believers of Christ, God heard our call to salvation and provided us sufficient, bought and paid for grace.  This is not a contract we become entitled to, but a start of a beautiful relationship we are allowed to enter into with him.  This is truly knowing God!  Having a personal back and forth relationship with him.

   To know God....  If you could not tell, I hear God through music and worship.  I have found the most gratifying moments in life with my eyes closed and the music up.  Spend time with the volume up.  To know God.....  I also find God in nature.  How could you not see Him in the things he has created?  Spend time in His splendor.  To know God....  Paul was enough reason to prove that you find friendship in prayer.  You got a main line to the ear of God.  Spend time wearing holes in your knees.  To know God.....  For everything past, present, and future he knows the answer.  Trust in the power and stability of a true friend.  Spend less time worrying and more time relying.  


   God, I just hope you find me as a friend.  My prayer to you is to be content with my life.  Please show me the strength to be a man of God and to be an influence to the body of Christ.  For my life is not mine to live but yours to live through me.  Lord, shape my life from the ugly ball of clay it is now to the will of your artistry.  Let revolution start in my soul and consume my surroundings. Let revolution begin in your church starting with me today.  Reign over this world!!  Reign over this country!!  And lord most of all reign over me!!  Your grace is sufficient for me.  Let all the world say Amen.


  1. Tyler,
    "Spend less time worrying and more time relying....." What a powerful statement and one that is speaking to me right now this morning. I am in a physically painful season right now, and this is exactly what I needed to here.

    Have a Blessed day,