Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yes, That Fountain

Watched this live in Springfield….Amazing

For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect. He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake. Through him you BELIEVE in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your FAITH and HOPE are in God.
1 Peter 1:18-21
Please tell me that this lights a fire in you!  You see we worship a God, not just any God, one that knows your name and provided payment so that one day you will not die, but have an everlasting life with an everlasting God.
And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were SLAIN, and with your blood you PURCHASED for God.
In a loud voice they were singing “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”
I absolutely love this.  God provides out of love.  Redeeming Love!  Not that any of us are deserving of it, but that out of our imperfections Jesus laid down his life to save YOU.  There is no self-help book that does that.  There is only one fountain, one well spring, and one saving God.  You better find Him.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello Again!

Wow....So much has happened since I last posted. I honestly don’t know where to start, but I'll try to start where I left off.

I have been blessed in the past month. I have a new job that basically fell in my lap. I have learned that I will be going to Nicaragua for missions in the fall. I will also be attending a youth mission trip this summer as a counselor. I went to the Rock and Worship Road Show with the lady. I got tickets for the Brandon Heath, David Barnes, and Kristian Stanfill concert on Friday, attending with some good friends as well. All in all I feel very blessed.  Here is some pictures....



Rock and Worship Road Show


Camping like men…haha right


Me and my ladies.

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.

        1 Chronicles 16:8

I am truly thankful for what God has done for my life. 

Now I want to talk about prepared hearts.  Specifically the art of preparing your heart for real worship.  All these concerts I have been to recently have shown me that making your heart ready for God makes your encounter with him a truly humbling experience.  I have seen MercyMe twice in the past couple months and they have great WORSHIP concerts because they know how to prepare hearts. 

There is something about being at a concert that makes people let go of earthly intentions and just sing(right notes or not), but when they get into their home church they clam up like they aren’t really in church for worship.  Why is that?  I believe with all my heart God makes the most out of small humility.  Not necessarily humility for other people, but humility in your own pride.   People realize that you are your greatest interference with God.  No one else really cares if you sing loud or sing with heart.  Singing a couple wrong notes won’t hurt God’s ears cause he only really hears the heart.  Bring yourself to God and he will meet you there.

  Psalms 95

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



  Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.  Isaiah 40:28

  Isaiah is such a great book.  The name Isaiah actually means "salvation of the Lord."  I wish I had I strong name like that.  Mine literally means "tile layer."  Anyway, I encourage you to read the book of Isaiah, it will change your view on the might and glory of our God.  

   I'm sorry a took a little break from blogging.  It has been a very busy week.   Sunday night we got to listen to testimonies from the mission team that went to Nicaragua.  I really truly wish I would have went.  While I was still in school I went on 3 mission trips within the states.  I have such a need to share my faith with other people.  I honestly loved going and spending time with other Christians fulfilling the call in which we were given. It just seems like the presence of God is so overwhelming in every moment.  He is so big and so majestic that we never can fathom how he moves in us or through us.  We truly become nothing more than a tool for his work.  I am so content in that.  I will for sure be finding a way to participate the next chance I get....God willing.  

   Here is something I am truly in love with...KLOVE.  I wish they had an Iphone stream because thats all I would listen to all day.  Its a very encouraging radio station.  Today they had a donation drive for people starving in Africa through World Vision.  I couldn't help but to be moved by the outlook the station brought over the topic.  For every donation made they were able to quadruple the amount.  so if you gave $20 they turned it into $80.  Its amazing what can be worked out when the power if God is behind a goal.  I hope they raise a large amounts of money.  If you are having a bad  or a down day, turn on KLOVE.  It will help I promise.

   I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving.  Be sure you thank God for where you are in your life.  We owe Him far more than that.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


   Now here is a thought....there is never a time in our life in which we are totally alone.  Like the song says, He is never far away.  I spent all of last weekend sitting on a tree stand hunting and thinking.  My conclusion... Is it not totally awesome that every time we  praise God or bring Him prayer he hears us.  What is more astounding is this: For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.Matthew 18:20.  The vast presence of God in our everyday life should move you.  Think about how big our God has to be to there in our ever present time of need and praise.  

   This brings me so much comfort.  My interview went well last week but I was unable to get the position.  The hiring committee actually decided to go internally to fill the position.  I will have to admit I was a little disappointed, but God was there telling me he had another purpose for me.  So thank you God for showing me direction.  How great is it that He can find you encouragement during disappointment.  

    Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.   Isaiah 40:28-31

  Here is a is a word of praise. My friend Derek has started a blog to honor his walk with God.  Check him out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Stand

   I have such a heavy heart for this subject.  Today I was approached by a person wanting to read part of my blog to a group of youth.  It is so hard to be a strong Christian when you are a youth today.  Our whole world is so set on teaching the importance of being "accepted," to go along with the flow when the flow leads straight to the gates of hell.  Taking a stand for God to them is almost like saying that they are giving up their friends, their popularity, or even their family.  When all-in-all you find out what the true meaning of life is and who your true friends are. My prayer to them is that they find out that life does not end at taking a stand for God but it REAL life begins.  

   How far are you willing to go to make a stand for Him?  

   Think about this for a second:  God sent his ONLY son to die for billions of people that are to proud to let go of the pew and walk down a 20 foot isle.  How completely sad is that?  Many adults find a sense of conformity in their everyday life in which they allow themselves to be just like everyone else but still hold on to a tiny sliver of God.  Being a Christan is not a "whenever you feel like it" thing.  The purpose of our life is to glorify God in everything that we do, FULL TIME!  Taking a stand for God is giving everything we have up to Him, all of our worries, all of our confusion, all of our pride, all of our hurt, all of our praises, everything, everyday.  

   Many men nowadays need to take a stand for Christ.  Men are called to be spiritual leaders!  Anymore I find that men are content in having God there for them when they blessing the food.  Where in the world have all the Godly men gone?   I do want to thank the few men of God that are setting examples for people like me.  I pray that I become a true man of God so I may be a Godly example to someone else.  Men stop being content being within your comfort zone.  How will you ever share the love of God?

   Derek Pearson, my friend, you will be my accountability partner and we will become men of God because I'm not content without bringing God glory everyday.

   Be on your guard; STAND firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.  Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 rev·e·la·tion: a. The act of revealing or disclosing.
                           b. Something revealed, especially a dramatic disclosure of 
                                something not previously known or realized.

   I really wish that we would sing this song in Sunday worship!  I find myself in the middle of the day trying to harmonize " Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty."  Not that great at it, but its worship to God.   

  I'm really stuck on this word, revelation.  Tomorrow I have an interview for a job that could really change my life, but I have no idea what God has in store for me.  I want a revelation in my life, a DIVINE will.  I am just thankful that God put me in a position to change my life.  If I leave empty handed tomorrow or if I leave with a job, it will be to the grace of God and I will adore him.   "Strength and glory and power be to you, the only wise King."  How wise is God?  Its just amazing to me to see how God puts everyday life together and how his timing is unfailing.  There are weeks that my mother and I have had heavy hearts over the same things and then the sermon Sunday deals with that issue.  I pray that my life is ready to conform to his wisdom and timing.  How beautiful is God?  As I said in my last post, God is found in nature.  How beautiful and perfect is His creation?  Everyday God reveals himself to me in just how grand this world is. 

Bull Shoals Lake Dam Today

   So here is the deal.  I know being interactive in a blog is hard to do, but I would just love to put a voice behind the work of God.  If you will help me, tell me how God has revealed himself to you this week.  May it be in the smallest of form or the most epic proportion, Gods revelation should have us all singing.  

 How has God shown his priceless revelation to you this week?

Monday, November 8, 2010

To Know You


   What is the true meaning to knowing God?  Everyone with an eye or ear should know that there is a God.  Many people are just content with knowing that there is someone with a higher power than them, but are foolish enough to not pursue a relationship with him.  Truly knowing God is to have a personal, intimate relationship with him.  When was the last time you talked to God?  Many people just expect God to work.  How does that work?  It doesn't.  As believers of Christ, God heard our call to salvation and provided us sufficient, bought and paid for grace.  This is not a contract we become entitled to, but a start of a beautiful relationship we are allowed to enter into with him.  This is truly knowing God!  Having a personal back and forth relationship with him.

   To know God....  If you could not tell, I hear God through music and worship.  I have found the most gratifying moments in life with my eyes closed and the music up.  Spend time with the volume up.  To know God.....  I also find God in nature.  How could you not see Him in the things he has created?  Spend time in His splendor.  To know God....  Paul was enough reason to prove that you find friendship in prayer.  You got a main line to the ear of God.  Spend time wearing holes in your knees.  To know God.....  For everything past, present, and future he knows the answer.  Trust in the power and stability of a true friend.  Spend less time worrying and more time relying.  


   God, I just hope you find me as a friend.  My prayer to you is to be content with my life.  Please show me the strength to be a man of God and to be an influence to the body of Christ.  For my life is not mine to live but yours to live through me.  Lord, shape my life from the ugly ball of clay it is now to the will of your artistry.  Let revolution start in my soul and consume my surroundings. Let revolution begin in your church starting with me today.  Reign over this world!!  Reign over this country!!  And lord most of all reign over me!!  Your grace is sufficient for me.  Let all the world say Amen.