Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Stand

   I have such a heavy heart for this subject.  Today I was approached by a person wanting to read part of my blog to a group of youth.  It is so hard to be a strong Christian when you are a youth today.  Our whole world is so set on teaching the importance of being "accepted," to go along with the flow when the flow leads straight to the gates of hell.  Taking a stand for God to them is almost like saying that they are giving up their friends, their popularity, or even their family.  When all-in-all you find out what the true meaning of life is and who your true friends are. My prayer to them is that they find out that life does not end at taking a stand for God but it REAL life begins.  

   How far are you willing to go to make a stand for Him?  

   Think about this for a second:  God sent his ONLY son to die for billions of people that are to proud to let go of the pew and walk down a 20 foot isle.  How completely sad is that?  Many adults find a sense of conformity in their everyday life in which they allow themselves to be just like everyone else but still hold on to a tiny sliver of God.  Being a Christan is not a "whenever you feel like it" thing.  The purpose of our life is to glorify God in everything that we do, FULL TIME!  Taking a stand for God is giving everything we have up to Him, all of our worries, all of our confusion, all of our pride, all of our hurt, all of our praises, everything, everyday.  

   Many men nowadays need to take a stand for Christ.  Men are called to be spiritual leaders!  Anymore I find that men are content in having God there for them when they blessing the food.  Where in the world have all the Godly men gone?   I do want to thank the few men of God that are setting examples for people like me.  I pray that I become a true man of God so I may be a Godly example to someone else.  Men stop being content being within your comfort zone.  How will you ever share the love of God?

   Derek Pearson, my friend, you will be my accountability partner and we will become men of God because I'm not content without bringing God glory everyday.

   Be on your guard; STAND firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.  Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 


  1. There are women who will read this and they will be screaming "Amen". Women want men of God to lead their families. Women want men of God to protect them and to love them with the love that Jesus has. You are on to something and it's HUGE.

    Praying for you daily, Tyler. And I'm just so proud of you. I am confident that God has big plans for you!

  2. I am so proud of you & its so great to see men that love the Lord & are striving to bring Him glory! Your mom is totally right. Women desire that & I have just been blown away by Derek's passion & hunger for Christ for the past 2 years & have truly gained more respect for him because of it. It is such a blessing to have friends our age that arent satisfied with just that "tiny sliver of God" but want to truly know all of Him & make Him their LIFE. Once again I cried while reading this, haha every one of your posts have touched me. Keep it up!

  3. You couldn't be more right on this. Women do want the guys to be their spiritual leaders of the home. God wants that too. It is wonderful that you are striving for this. It is something really important!

  4. Tyler, I'm a really old lady, (one of your mom's blogger friends) and I'm so happy you have started your spiritual journey so early in life! For 51 years I was married to a really GOOD man, but he was NOT the spiritual leader of our family. I'm now married to a man and former pastor, who IS the spitirual leader of our family, and I'm here to tell you that it makes all the difference!!!! You just keep on taking a firm stand for God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit and you will never be sorry! The things you miss by not following the 'things of this world', mean nothing at all.
    Stay strong, commit every corner of your life to Him, the Giver of all Life, and you will be blessed beyond belief!

  5. Tyler,
    My baby is 18 :0)and a Senior in High School, and oh my stars, does he go through some stuff. Being a teen in the world today is so tough. I'm going to tell him about your blog.

    Thank you for being such a Godly example for young people.

    Have a Blessed day,